What is the name of the compound BRI3If a student said monobromide iodine, explain all the mistakes in that answerExplain how to write the formula for the compound magnesium carbideExplain how to write the formula for the compound iron(III)oxide. Is the formula NH4NO3 ionic? ExplainDetermine the formula for lead(IV)phosphate. Show stepsDetermine the formula for ammonium hydroxide. Show stepsExplain why Au3PO4 is named gold(I)phosphate. Explain why Fe2O3 should not be named diirm trioxide Explain why nitrogen(IV)oxide is the incorrect name for NO2Explain why diammonium monosulfide is the incorrect name for (NH4)2S6Ni(CH3COO)3How many moles of nickel(II)acetate appear in this formulaHow many atoms of each element appear? List each separatelyWhat is the total number of atoms Using calculations, explain how the gram formula mass of aluminum chlorate hexahydrate comes out to 385.43682 g/moe