Towards the end of his presidency, President Nixon was interviewed by British journalist David Frost.The President, in a rare breath-taking moment, replied to a Frost since-forgotten question, “that if the President does it, it is not illegal.” This cemented the term, Imperial Presidency, when relating to Nixon’s presidency.President Trump stated that if he shot a man in New York City, he could get away with it. Was Trump’s term an Imperial Presidency; or worse, a royal road to Fascism? From the wall to immigration cages, to alliances with dictators and the breaking of alliances, did President Trump make America great again?Thus, using our book, A Very Stable Genius (at least 1-2 chapters of it) and research on fascism from books like the Mass Psychology of Fascism and studies of the Weimar Republic in Germany, to the Treaty of Versailles, any study of the populist risings from 1938-1945.Demonstrate showing 3 fallacies from 1 chapter ( show the section you think contains the fallacy, name it, and show and explain how that section IS that fallacy), how poignant the vision and policies of Trump were reactionary or more so.