Explain how does classroom/school performance positively influence future job performance? All bulleted items below must be contained in your final paper: •Engagement in classroom discussion-engagement in the workplace •Completion of assignments-completion of work duties •Attendance and punctuality to school and to work •Teamwork in the classroom and in the workplace Assignment Guidelines: 1.A professionalism assignment is due in 4 of your online modules 2.You are encouraged to utilize the Student Success Center for assistance with preparing your outline due in week 3, and for any help you may need in writing an APA formatted paper with cited sources 3.You may utilize the following sources for information: •Interview professionals in their field of study (Drs. DDS, office managers, hiring managers clinic managers, etc.) students must use this source at least once during their program •Library resources or textbooks •EBSCOhost or other source databases •All internet sources must be reliable- no blogs or Wikipedia 4.Your topic, “Job Performance and School Performance” contains bulleted information above, which must be included in the paper 5.You will prepare an outline due in week 3, as your homework assignment.