Select a publicly traded US company. Companies in the Fortune 500 are strongly suggested. Select a company that has had new management since 2010. Research the top management of the organization, and detail the strategies that they advocated to help grow the company. As many companies had problems starting around 2010 – 2020 which led to lay-offs and retrenchment, that may be a good period of time to focus on how management helped move the company through those difficult economic years. Examine the critical issues that the organization faced, and detail the strategies employed to mitigate them. If the company you choose employed strategies that failed, detail the failure and add analysis as to why it failed and what may have been done to foster success. The information criteria for this research paper is the following: Name of the organization Organization′s origins/history Mission and Vision Values and Ethics Organization structure and culture Leadership style and motivational style Overall measurements of success for this company Who is/are the Top Leader(s) of the company, and under what circumstances did they become leader? What issues did they face? What are the major strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats of the company? In what ways did Planning, Organizing, Leading & Controlling contribute to the company’s success (or failure)? What was the most important thing leading to that success (or failure)? What do you see as major challenges facing this company in the next five years? What are your conclusions about the management based on your research?