Reflection assignment is three fold to:Reflect on the materials presented over the course.Consider what you have learned.Examine knowledge gained from the course materials and its effect on your thinking, emotional response, and behavior change in relation to the topic of child maltreatment. Review the ANA Revised Code of Ethics. Reflect on knowledge gained including assessment of the child and family, short and long-term effects of chronic abuse.Consider the ethical responsibility of the nurse as a mandatory reporter of suspected cases of abuse.Apply the revised code of ethics from the American Nurses Association and related to your nursing role and practice.What tools utilized in this course would be helpful to other practicing nurses?Instructions: Review and discuss the topics and materials presented over the course. Must contain at least 1 scholarly Nursing/Medical referenceDescribe your biggest take away from the definitions and classifications of maltreated children.Has your opinion changed as your knowledge expanded on the topic of Child Maltreatment? Yes/No and why?You have examined the concepts and current evidence of trauma and the human system including Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES). You explored your personal experience. Does this change your understanding of vulnerable persons? If so, how? Include an example of one approach you may change in your work.The topic of child maltreatment is a global issue. What have you learned about ways to recognize child sexual abuse and ways to prevent in your capacity as a nurse in our community/state or nation?Did you gain tools to assist you to fulfill your role as a Mandatory Reporter? Explain.Consider the nine provisions of the Revised Code of Ethics from the American Nurses Association. Choose one and relate it to your practice as a Registered Nurse, particularly in the state of California.