Examine emotion and decision making from a neurological point of view. What is happening on the brain level when our emotions are influences our decision making.pages)▪ In this section, provide a logical, sequential and thorough analysis topic of interest.• methods and theories• Why was it developed• What was learned from its implementation• Were there issues/problems?• How did they resolve those problems?• Were there developments ?• How has this approach been utilized and what has been gained as a result of its use• Is this approach still valid?• Has it been replaced or is it complimentary to other approaches▪ Be sure to provide significant examples for each of these types of questionso Summary/Conclusion/Future Directions (2-3 pages)▪ In a couple of paragraphs summarize the main findings of your research▪ What are the key points/take-away messages?▪ Are there instances where this approach might be utilized in other types of research or combined with newer technologies etc?•