Mr Tan is a secondary school teacher teaching Secondary 2 students. He is finding it a challenge to manage the class. They do not participate in class discussions; they keep quiet and just stare at him when he asks questions and most of the students do not complete the assignments and homework. He wants to change their behaviour and get them to be more participative in class and complete their assignments and homework.Evaluate the scenario using developmental theories and propose possibleoperant conditioning interventions. Determine the suitability of operantconditioning as an approach to behavioural change in this scenario.In your essay, include the following: The range of behaviours in the classroom typically displayed by thisage group The application of the various techniques of operant conditioning inclassroom management for behaviours listed in the scenario. The strengths and weaknesses of operant conditioning incomparison to the other theories such as those proffered byKohlberg, Erikson, Piaget, Bandura or social-cognitive perspectives. A final evaluation of the suitability of Operant Conditioning as anapproach to behavioural change in this scenario.