To Tip or Not to Tip…that is the question
To evaluate the effect that a helpful message from a server might have on restaurant tips, the server either wrote a message about an upcoming dinner special on the back of the dining check or left it blank. Dining parties who received a check with the helpful message tipped a higher percentage of the final bill than those who did not have this message on the back of their check.

Rind, B., & Strohmetz, D. (1999). Effect on restaurant tipping of a helpful message written on the back of customers’ checks (Links to an external site.). Journal of Applied Psychology, 29, 139-144. doi:10.1111/j.15591816.1999.tb01378.x

General Directions
In this assignment, you have been broken up into groups. Each group will submit one assignment that answers the following questions (choose a group leader who will submit the assignment for everyone). Here is a link to a video that shows you how to use the group functions within Canvas (Links to an external site.). For each question, please discuss the questions as a group (either via email or on the phone) and assign each question to a member of your group. When submitting the final assignment, make sure that the group member who was assigned the question has their name written by the question. If a group member does not respond, simply write their name next to the question and the words, “No response was given.” If you do not answer your questions, you will not be given credit for this assignment. Each individual in your group is graded separately.

What you need to do
Please answer the following questions:
How might the following aspects of this study limit the study’s external validity?
A young female adult was the authors’ accomplice.
8)The study was conducted at a private country club.
The meal was buffet style.
9)This study used only two groups. Please suggest a third group the authors could have employed. What question(s) would this third group allow the authors to address in the study?