Please pick a topic.Topic: Cognitive Biases, Heuristics, Patterns, and Problem-Solving StrategiesFor this discussion board conversation, pick one of the following cognitive biases, heuristics, patterns, or problem-solving strategies to define and provide an example of how you have seen this phenomenon in action in your own life:Cognitive BiasHeuristicPatternProblem SolvingBelief-bias effectRepresentativenessMental setAnalogy approachConfirmation biasAvailabilityFunctional fixednessMeans-end heuristicHindsight biasAnchoring and adjustmentStereotype threatHill-climbing heuristicMy-side biasAny heuristic from animated videoFraming effectSituated- or embodied cognition approachThe initial post (150 words minimum, 30 points)Define the chosen phenomenon.Provide a detailed example of the phenomenon that you have experienced yourself or have observed in others.Evaluate the consequences of this phenomenon (positive or negative) in your example.