Evaluate how a search system supports users with finding information through searching, i.e. for the kind of information seeking where the starting point is formulating a query. This coursework requires you to carry out a form of ‘expert’ assessment of the University of Sheffield website search system. You will consider how well the search system meets the needs of its users undertaking their typical search tasks. You are required to submit two assignments. For assignment 1, you will create tasks and queries that you will use to test the search system for assignment 2. For this second assignment you will produce a portfolio of 4 sets of evaluations. Evaluation1 is user and system centred evaluation. Evaluation2 is the principles and technology of search. Evalution3 is measuring retrieval system effectiveness. Evaluation 4 is Interfaces for information retrieval. And 2 sets of recommendations for how the search system could be improved. As a piece of academic work, you are expected to engage with the research literature and provide references to justify and support your writing.