· Topic- what is the topic you are choosing to address in each paragraph? Each paragraph will have its own topic. There should be three topics. One topic for each paragraph in the topic. Remember, three separate topics in the body of your essay.· Book interpretation(s) of each topic you are writing on- what does the book say about the topic you are addressing in your body paragraphs.· Your personal interpretation- what is your understanding of each topic in the body paragraphs.· Chapter number – which chapter are you getting your information from in your body paragraphs?· Why did you choose each topic- reflect on the topic and discuss what reasoning/rational you used to write on them in your body paragraphs?· What did you learn about each topic? Tell me what new information you learned and give examples or other resources if possible in your body paragraphs? Use correct APA format (style). This includes a reference page. Cite your text and also use at least one other academic reference/source. Remember: You must only choose chapters we have covered in class and to write a 5-paragraph essay. So far, we have covered chapters 1 through 4. The five paragraphs include the introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs. The writing center will help you with your mechanics and organization. The writing tutors have a good rapport with your instructor. Please use the BCC Writing Center on this assignmentFor this assignment, your material should come from chapters 18 through 25. At a minimum, you are expected to source your textbook and another supporting source. Every reflection assignment will have 2 cited sources.For this assignment I was thinking of doing Eriksons stages of adult hood. They can be found on power point slide 3.Last, if you use the Writing Center or Upswing. Begin working with the staff 2 weeks prior to the assignment due date. Bonus points are given for students who successfully use the Writing Center 2 weeks prior to the due date and have included the suggestions recommended by the Writing Center staff.