In this project you will be editing the text of a brochure for the Suarez Agency. First, you will reset the magnification of the document. You will then enter, select, and delete text. You will fix spelling and grammar errors in the document. You will edit the document using the Find and Replace commands as well as the Cut and Paste commands. Finally, you will review the document statistics using the Word Count dialog. Skills needed to complete this project: Zooming a Document (Skill 1.13) Entering and Deleting Text (Skill 1.2) Selecting Text (Skill 1.3) Checking Writing Errors as You Type (Skill 1.4) Using the Editor (Skill 1.5) Finding Text (Skill 1.7) Replacing Text (Skill 1.8) Using Cut and Paste (Skill 1.10) Using Word Count (Skill 1.14) Office 365 alternate instruction icon This image appears when a project instruction has changed to accommodate an update to Microsoft Office 365. If the instruction does not match your version of Office, try using the alternate instruction instead. Open the start file [First Name.LastName]-WD2019-SkillReview-1-1. The file has been automatically renamed to include your name. Only change the project file name if directed to do so. If the document opens in Protected view, click the Enable Editing button in the Message Bar at the top of the document so you can modify the document. Change how the document is displayed on your computer by clicking the Zoom Out button next to the Zoom slider one time so the magnification is decreased by 10%. Add text to the document. Place the cursor on the empty line following the phone number. Type the following heading: Our Goal Press Enter. Type the following text: We are dedicated to listening to your needs and working with you to develop a strategic plan to grow your business. Select and delete text from the document. In the paragraph under the Experience heading, select the text small by double-clicking the word. Press the Delete key to remove the text. Check spelling and grammar as you type. Notice how words that Word does not recognize are underlined in red and potential grammar errors are underlined in blue. Right-click the word mesage in the Experience section. A list of suggested changes is shown. Click message. Word corrects the spelling of this word. Right-click the word is in the first line of the Client Quotes section. Click are. If the word is is not underlined in blue, manually change the word is to are. Correct spelling and grammar errors using the Editor pane. Press Ctrl + Home to move to the top of the document. Click the Review tab. In the Proofing group, click the Spelling & Grammar button. The Editor pane will open. For the first error, the text should be Communication not Comunication. Click Communication in the Suggestions list to fix the misspelling. Next, Word finds a grammar error. Click the suggestion in the Editor pane to fix the error. Office 365 alternate instruction iconMorriss is spelled correctly. Click the Ignore Once option in the Editor pane. For the next error, the text is supposed to be goal not gol. Click goal in the Suggestions list to fix the misspelling. A message box appears letting you know the spelling and grammar check is complete. Click OK in the message box to close it. Find and replace text in a document. On the Home tab, in the Editing group, click the Find button. Type savvy in the Search document box. You will see two results. On the Home tab, in the Editing group, click the Replace button. Notice savvy appears in the Find what box. If you do not see this, delete any text in the Find what box and type the word savvy in the box. Type know-how in the Replace with box. Click Replace All to replace both instances of the word. Word displays a message box, indicating that two replacements have been made. Click OK in the message box to close it. Click the Close button in the Find and Replace dialog. Cut and paste text from one part of the document to another. Select all the text in the Suarez Marketing Belief System at the end of the document (from The Suarez Marketing Belief System through results with integrity). On the Home tab, in the Clipboard group, click the Cut button to remove the text and copy it to the Clipboard. Navigate back to the first page and place the cursor at the beginning of Client Quotes. On the Home tab, in the Clipboard group, click the Paste button to paste the text. If necessary, press Enter to place Client Quotes on its own line. View the statistics for the document. Click the Review tab. In the Proofing group, click the Word Count button. Review the number of pages, words, and paragraphs in the document. Click the Close button to close the Word Count dialog. Save and close the document. Upload and save your project file. Submit the project for grading.