Audience: Your resume will be read by recruiters, human resource specialists, and potential supervisors for the position that you will apply for. Your readers will be familiar with your field and career responsibilities, and will be comfortable with jargon and technical terms commonly used in your area of interest.

Purpose: Your resume must demonstrate that you are qualified for the specific job that you are applying for. It must also set you apart from other applicants with similar technical qualifications while capturing the attention of the reader as quickly as possible.

Resume and Application Letter Assignment

After reading textbook and attending class, you should have a good idea of the components of a typical student resume.

Write a resume for one of the following:

An internship you hope to obtain (Must require enrollment in your major)
An entry level career position (Must require a Bachelor’s Degree in your major)
Draft the resume based upon your reading of the class textbook, your college Career Services Office, and the specific direction you receive in class.