Topic: Per Diem Accounting Policy Overview: In addition to helping clients respond appropriately to Notices of Proposed Adjustments (NOPAs) that may arise from IRS audits, you must help the clients ensure that the same issue does not reoccur in the future. This may sometimes require drafting entirely new policies to govern the tax accounting procedures for specific circumstances. Draft a recommendation for a new per diem accounting policy that the client from the final project scenario can implement going forward that will ensure that the issue that resulted in the NOPA will not occur in the future. While not an exact match for the Proactive Measures section of your NOPA response plan, the policy you develop for this assignment will be applicable to successful completion of that section. Prompt: With the ideas from this module’s discussion, draft a sample policy relating to per diems that will be used for accounting and tax purposes, and be specific on how the client should account for per diems for GAAP/tax purposes. Use the format of the client letter in Appendix A (see attachment). The paper must be 3-4 pages. In your letter, include the following: 1.Provide an introduction to the letter. 2.State the purpose of the letter. 3.Explain the steps you took to research the per diem issue. 4.State relevant facts from the client’s situation. 5.State the relevant laws and regulations and GAAP. 6.Give an analysis that explains why you are recommending the new per diem policy, with supporting evidence from relevant tax accounting procedures and regulations. 7.Recommend a new per diem accounting policy with a specific example illustrating how the policy should be implemented.