Answer these questions about one other person′s essay: Make sure answers are detailed and lengthy 1. Does the essay have an original title (not Essay 4)? 2. Is the outline included and correctly formatted following the outline template? 3. Does the essay address all of the required elements in the introduction? (Clearly explains the arguments, includes the thesis, and provides background information to set up the context of the argument.) Is the introduction clear and effective? If so, provide an example from the essay and example how it is effective. If not, provide an example of how it is not effective. Does the introduction include at least one direct quote and citation? Are their other citations to point to sources that support the claims in the introduction? 4. Does the essay have a clear thesis statement? What is the thesis? Is it effective and logical? 5. Does the essay have at least three clearly defined points of argument that support the thesis? Are these points of argument supported with examples from credible sources? Is there a clear counter-argument and is it refuted convincingly? Are the policy solutions clear? Provide examples of what is effective and what may be ineffective. 6. Does the conclusion address the overall significance of the problem addressed by the thesis? Is it effective? If so, how? It should not simply summarize the essay. Does the conclusion include at least one direct quote and citation? Are their other citations to point to sources that support the claims in the conclusion? 7. Is the essay unified? (Is each section of the essay proving the thesis statement?) Are there parts that do not belong? Provide an example. 8. Are there direct quotes from credible sources? Are they smoothly integrated and correctly cited? Provide an example of how the essay integrated sources correctly or incorrectly. There should be at least one direct quote in every paragraph of the essay, including the introduction and the conclusion. 9. Citations: Are there properly formatted page number citations throughout the entire essay (there should be citations in every paragraph)? Are there citations for summaries and paraphrases in addition to direct quotes? If not, provide examples of what should have been cited but was not. If the student used paragraph numbers for some of the sources that have no page numbers, are they formatted correctly, e.g. (Anderson, par. 2)? 10. Are there at least two visual sources included? Are they marked Fig. 1, Fig. 2? Do they have a caption and the works cited information underneath them? (These sources will have to be inserted into the discussion board as image files). 10. Readability: Does the essay use language well? Is it clear and easy to read? Is it error free, or does it have many errors? If there are many errors, how do they affect the quality and the ability of the essay to communicate?