Outline the required items, records, logs, licenses, and certifications you would need to operate an air carrier of your choosing. You may imagine or create any type of flight operation you like as long as it requires an Air Carrier Certificate. Do you want a part 135 corporate “on-demand” or would you like to form the Next TWA? You may design it however you’d like including outlining your own company if you work for a carrier. . You state the type of operation, with how many aircraft, and how many employees and what type of routing at the beginning. Each required topic heading addressed describes how it applies to your air carrier’s profile. You do not have to write the actual manuals, just explain what applies to your carrier. Example of things to consider: . Domestic or Flag Part 121 or 135 ETOPS? Scheduled or on demand etc What type of maintenance program and what documents? Pilot testing Crew recurrent certifications Operationdfpal control structure Dispatch requirements