You have been asked to lead a committee to improve outcomes that impact patients, financial reimbursement, and organizational success. Your first agenda item is to improve the process for assessing, administering, charging, and reporting vaccines administered to patients.

Currently your institution is noncompliant in assessing patient’s vaccination history upon admission, resulting in a low percentage of patients receiving pneumonia and influenza vaccinations prior to discharge. This noncompliance is also impacting financial reimbursement. In addition, your organization has no process for reporting vaccination rates and for charging for the individual vaccines.

After reading the material presented in this week’s module answer the following questions:

1) Discuss what data points from a clinical and administrative information system would be needed to improve current practice.
2) Share what clinical decision support – logic you would consider to guide clinicians in assessing, ordering, charging, reporting and administering the vaccinations.
3) Discuss your role as a healthcare professional regarding how you would integrate technology into this evidence-based practice change.