complete an external proposal paper that offers a solution to affordable housing on a local Charlotte level. A specific way to solve your topic/issue on a local level and initiate change – Affordable housing is a controversial topic relating to North Carolina. Now is the time to propose change and persuade your audience to action. You need to argue for a specific recommendation that you believe will make a change in dealing with this affordable housing in our local Charlotte community. Explain what you propose should be done about this affordable housing in our city of Charlotte and offer realistic recommendations.Logical reasoning and evidence that defends your recommendations – A proposal is still an argument where you need to prove that this solution can work. Your reasoning and evidence should focus on feasibility (it can be achieved with available resources) and implementation (how it should be completed). Again, you are not just stating why your solution should happen; you are explaining what is needed and how it can happen. Consider looking at what other cities and states have done to handle similar problems.You target your audience and craft the external proposal using a formal to middle style- Proposals are generally targeted to a specific group of people who can help initiate change on the matter. You need to be able to identify who those people are and craft your proposal with them in mind.