Amir is a 78 year old man who lives alone in his own home. Amir retired from his job as an engineer 10 years ago due
to poor health. More recently he has found that he is struggling to manage the activities of daily living. He already
receives community services with a level 2 home care package but now feels that he requires a higher level of care.
He wants to remain at home but is not sure how he can get more help.
Answer the following questions
1. Discuss ways that Amir can access support and information on aged care community services. The discussion
should include both government funded and private aged care services.
2. Discuss the way that aged care services are designed to adapt to Amir’s change in care requirements.
3. Evaluate one aged care system that supports continuum of care.
4. Analyse the way aged care services are designed to be patient centered and efficient. Your analysis should show
some positive and negative points.