Discuss the Supreme Court case Lee v. Weisman.Start by extremely briefly explaining what clause in the Constitution was involved in this decision, and what the clause means. Then, explain Justice Anthony Kennedy’s majority opinion and Justice Antonin Scalia? By “explain,” I mean to pick out what you think are the major points by each of these justices and EXPLAIN the logic behind their points and why these points matter in their opinions. Then, discuss which side was right, and WHY. In determining this, you must assess the relative merits and faults in both sides’ arguments. It doesn’t matter which justice you end up agreeing with; what matters is that you think seriously and reason your way to whatever conclusion you reach.NOTE: 3 pages is really not much space to do what’s listed above. Thus, in order to ensure you have a reasonable amount of space to delve into the opinions of the two justices, you should avoid:1. Spending any space on explaining the events leading up to the case.