For your second paper, write an essay that clearly and thoroughly addresses one of the prompts listed below:Discuss the gradual, non-linear development of the character Dante (the pilgrim) throughout the Inferno.Discuss the concept of contrapasso in the Inferno; then identify at least three quintessential examples of it and explain why each is great example of the concept.Discuss the role of Virgil in the Inferno, focusing on how he differs from Dante, his rapport with the Dante, and what he seems to represent or symbolize.Discuss fame (i.e., or the memory of one’s name) in the Inferno and its relative importance to the damned souls, the characters Dante and Virgil, and the writer Dante.Discuss the role of the poet Dante (not the pilgrim/character) as fame-maker, prophet, and teacher in the Inferno.