Discuss three ways (one paragraph each, at least ten sentences per paragraph) that your interviewee used below methods to communicate. If you did not discuss this aspect, come up with three ways that they could have used tips from your text. Methods of communication between you and the interviewee or the methods my interviewee uses in his/her work.. ______________________________________________. Manager Interview I interviewed a manager at hotel in the heart of Houston who stated that the idea to start up a hotel rose due to overflowing guests in our country due to beautiful scenic such as animal parks. Having worked as a tour guide in the past, he had vast ideas on management. His exposure as a tour guide provided him with core managerial skills and competencies needed to set up and run a hotel since the tourist sector gave him ideas on the kind of hospitality they could want in a hotel. These skills and competencies have laid a solid foundation in the running of a hotel. His interest and love for the tourism sector have provided him with a wealth of experience in handling and running hotels. The management model of a hotel revolves around the sole proprietorship type of a business. In this case, he is the director and manager of the entire institution. He is managing different departments, which include: administration department, which entails the human resources, marketing, and public relations; customer service department, which cater to guests including accommodation and finally, maintenance and food service department, which includes the technicians, housekeeper, cooks, and dishwashers. According to the manager, each department has a person in charge of the employee and coordination of various department activities to ensure the entire institution’s smooth running. To ensure the entire organization runs smoothly, the managers have been guided by the essential elements: trustworthiness, respect, fairness, responsibility, hygiene observant, and teamwork. The interviewed manager gives a clear direction and make sure that he is still available for help and offer assistance when needed. The manager provided details on how he implemented the four functions of planning, organizing, directing and controlling. As a manager, planning is crucial in running the organization since it helps meet company objectives and set goals. These entail allocations of resources and duties delegations to employees and setting logical and realistic timelines and standards for completions. Planning act as a guide to the manager to continue to check on a team’s progress and make an adjustment when the need arises to ensure the excellent reputation of a company is maintained. Set goals as manager planning help me determine each employee’s responsibilities in different departments, setting up priority levels to the specific task assigned. The interviewed manager stated that he ensured planning and communication go hand in hand since communication is essential in running the organization. For instance, he have used planning more so in scheduling employee meeting to discuss goals and the organization’s progress. These have been achieved by considering the participative management style for each individual’s decisions, and ideas are catered to. The technique has improved the innovative skills of the employee, which have positive impacts on the organization. In this case, the employee feels highly valued by the organization, and they get motivated, thus increasing the company’s productivity. Organizing skills are equally important since they enable the manager to ensure the entire organization and department runs smoothly. Organizing entails the establishment of both internal processes and the structure. In this case, managers have to ensure employees are best suited for a specified task and keeping all aspects of organizations organized for the proper and effective daily operation of organizations. The interviewed manager also have the role of quick response to new challenges arising in the organization. These can be achieved, for instance, through reorganization like reallocations of duties from one employee to another. However, it can also mean changing employees’ internal structures and responsibilities in response to company health growth. The projection of a good sense of direction and leadership is fundamental to the very manager. The interviewed manager has applied some authoritative management style to ensure employees meet daily task requirements effectively. As a manager, he has been giving direction concerning the new changes in services we offer or change in organizational policy. These have been achieved through effective communication. Therefore, employees are supposed to follow management’s authority in carrying out tasks as a manager, been monitoring employees closely, and keeping constant supervision. In this case, the organization has been running effectively due to quick decision-making and having well-outlined roles and expectations. To ensure the above managerial function is rhyming with the company objectives and goals, the manager should keep the employees’ consistent monitoring performance. Also, as managers have to ensure quality work, efficiency in performance, reliability, and completion of allocated duties is adhered to. Have assured the goal and objectives of an organization are met and necessary changes through quality control in management. In conclusion, I have learned various issues from the above interview. The acquiring and adhering managerial functions have a significant benefit in the growth of organizations since they have provided the guidelines for keeping the organizations’ operation. Also, the management style has brought the teamwork to effectiveness since all units are involved in making a decision. For instance, participative style considers all staff’s decision, thus encouraging all personnel to be innovative and motivated since they are highly valued and accommodated by the management, thus improving the organization’s productivity. Also, have considered a collaborative management style since each is discussed, and the majority view is considered; therefore, the staff feels trusted and feel ownership of the outcome. Communication has also helped the organization keep growing since health discussion ascertain problem that may arise will be managed collaboratively. Therefore, issues like staff conflicts are solved before a significant issue arisedfps, thus giving a remarkable outcome.