These concepts, even if some have been assessed already with the group assignments, need to be applied best as possible for the exam case (AMAZON) based on the provided case material: Business Model Sources of competitive advantage: generic strategies cost strategy, differentiation, focus, mixed. Capabilities (resources and competences) for competitive advantage (evaluation of strength and weaknesses optional as additional analysis) Value chain analysis (the essential parts about which there is information in the case), also excellent answers would be able to apply the OLI (Dunning) concept and/or Porter’s Diamond (country choice) to support evaluations of the value chain activity and their contribution to competitive advantage by cost or differentiation. 5 forces analysis (might not have information for all 5 forces in the case, here I allow some additional material search in the internet which would need references) The case has material that also allows to compile a BCG matrix (with some own assumptions by students necessary) and ANSOFF matrix (penetration, innovation, new markets, diversification). There are findings that can be also supported by discussing “stretching” of capabilities. Question 2: This question relates to the case company AMAZON but also to a wider context. Here it is necessary to prepare a topic review by searching in the internet for facts and ideas. Also: the competence in using course material for supporting conclusions is to be demonstrated. Necessary to understand and use concepts, such as “the role of governments”, “mercantilism”, “protectionism”, etc. In the answer it is possible to discuss relevant PESTEL factors, such as socio-cultural (change to online biz, trend and future), economy (impact on sales volume for certain products or services), political (trade war, bias vs USA, etc), and to explain actions to cope with these Threats or Opportunities now and in the future.