Social Justice In order to succeed in college, you must be able to conduct academic research and then implement that research into a fully-developed and well-supported essay.  In this essay you will be exploring one social justice problem.  This essay will utilize a problem/solution format.  Therefore, you will choose one social justice problem, explain the problem in depth, and then offer solution(s) to the problem.  The solution(s) do not need to necessarily solve the overall problem, but can be contributions to helping or alleviating the problem. Choose from the following: 1 Educational Issues: equal access to education, problems within our education system, tenure for teachers, etc. 2 Race/Ethnicity: racial profiling, police brutality/profiling, media treatment, etc. 3 Gender: Equal pay, media treatment, access to healthcare (birth control, etc), body image, gender identity, etc. 4 Sexual Orientation: gay marriage, gay adoption/parenting, hate crimes, media treatment, discrimination, etc. 5 Poverty/Social Class: the disparity of social class, money distribution, eliminating poverty, etc. 6 Choose another relevant topic, but get your topic approved by your instructor.