Follow the Organization Below for your Issue Analysis Essay:1) First Body Paragraph — Introduction — Answer the who, what, why, where, how questions concerning income inequality in America and give your thesis at the end of this paragraph2) Two Paragraphs of Analysis (2nd and 3rd paragraphs)– Create one paragraph for each of the causes for income inequality in the U.S. One paragraph for Trickle Down Economics as a cause to Income Inequality and one paragraph of Globalization as a cause to income inequality in the U.S.3) Two Paragraphs of Synthesis (4th and 5th paragraphs)– Create one paragraph about why Income Inequality in the U.S. is such a thread and and then create a second synthesis paragraph about possible solutions to Income Inequality in the U.S. (This is the synthesis portion of your essay) 4) Conclusion (6th paragraph)Use the given sources below to support your ideas within your essay. You are required to use the two sources under analysis for that section. Completed: Thesis/Synthesis Question (See Text pg 289):What c…. Select to mark as not complete.Thesis/Synthesis Question (See Text pg 289):What contemporary and historical, social, political and/or economical situations/policies have contributed to and/or are continuing to contribute to the increase of the current economic inequality between the top 10 percent of workers and everyone else in the United States? Why does this income inequality matter and what insights could be offered to narrow the gap of wealth inequity in the U.S.?Not completed: Use the Following Secondary Source Material throug…. Select to mark as complete.Use the Following Secondary Source Material throughout your Essay. You are required to use the two sources under the Analysis section for that portion of your essay. The other 6 sources can be used at any place throughout your essay.