PurposeThe purpose of the term‑paper is to make you an expert in some aspect of Financial Markets and Institutions. This semester we will focus on Financial Fraud as it relates to Markets or Institutions. More specifically, we will be doing work on: “The Metrics of a Fraud on one major Financial Institution / Market.”You will choose a very specific financial institution or a financial security and do an in-depth and analysis of the Fraud. You will analyze a fraud that happened in the last 5 Years. Take a quantitative approach to the problem and analyze it. Analytical and Quantitative/ Computer analysis will be amply rewarded.Suggested StructureNotes:These are “SUGGESTIONS” for Students. You may follow this or use your own structure for preparing the paper.There is “NO APPROVAL” required for the topic you are working on as long as it falls in the guidelines stated in the Financial Fraud Research Paper Rubric (LMS Page). The Professor will not comment on any partial work, or suggest any topic, or idea as “ORIGINALITY” is what we are aiming for in developing the paperChoose one specific Institution (Say Wells Fargo) or one specific market (say, Cryptocurrency market)Choose a recent fraud activity (past 5 years), a major fraud ($100 million or above)Choose an activity for one where financial information or data is publicly availableIdentify and analyses the metric and framework for fraud using past / historical patternTake a financial and analytical approach; not a descriptive, historical or psychological approachDo extensive research by going to scholar.google.com or other internet sites and identify ten major, relevant and focused article on this fraudDo analysis and explain in your own words why it happened, how it happened, and what is being done to prevent such a fraud recurrence.