1) Recount why the story was chosen (i.e.) what speaks to you in this story. (up to 1 page)
2) Summarize what the Bible Commentary, Bible Dictionary, and any Online Articles say about the passage. (USE ONLY APPROVED COMMENTARIES, DICTIONARIES, AND ONLINE ARTICLES ONLY FROM APPROVED SCHOLARLY JOURNALS) (Also: Online Journal Articles should be pulled from N.C. Live) (3 pages)
3) Reflect on how this story has shaped (misshaped), formed (malformed), or generally affected for good or bad, human experience, development, spirituality or (and/or) culture. (2-3 pages)

Approved Resources:

Approved Commentaries:
The Anchor Bible Series,
The Old Testament Library,
Smyth & Helwys Bible Commentary,
Interpretation: A Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching, The Cambridge Bible Commentary, Interpreter’s Bible,
The New Interpreter’s Bible (note this is an updated version from The Interpreter’s Bible),
Broadman Bible Commentary,

Approved Bible Dictionaries:
The Dictionary of Bible and Religion, William H. Gentz, ed.
Dictionary of the Bible, James Hastings, ed
Mercer Dictionary of the Bible, Waston E. Mills, gen. ed.
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible, David Noel Freedman, ed.
The Westminster Dictionary of the Bible, John David
The Zondervan Pictoral Bible Dictionary, Merrill C. Tenny, gen. ed.
Harper’s Bible Dictionary, Madeleine S. Miller and J. Lane Miller
The Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Keith Crim, gen. ed.
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Geoffrey W. Bromiley, gen. ed.
Anchor Bible Dictionary, David Noel Freedman, ed.

Approved Journals available at NCLive are:
Interpretation, Journal for the Study of the Old Testament, Journal of Biblical Literature, Near Eastern Archeology, and Commentary.