HQ Work Needed
Use a semiotic approach to analyze a series of advertisements with a common theme (e.g., advertising a particular type of product/ advertisements which use images of objects or people to achieve a certain effect, etc.) Discuss specifically the denotative and connotative levels of the advertisements and how the advertisements might be creating the effect of naturalizing by erasing the signifier-signified distinction. iii. In relation to the connotative function of the advertisements discuss the larger sociocultural context within which these advertisements are operating. For instance, what cultural stereotypes are they appealing to? What social values are they promoting, etc. iv. Use Stuart Hall s encoding-decoding paradigm to discuss how the advertisements are encoded and how they are decoded and whether there might be gaps in this process v. Provide copies of the advertisements as an annexure (if you are using print advertisements). If you are using audio-visual material provide internet links, where available.