Discuss several themes in Laurel Thatcher Ulrich’s A Midwife’s Tale: The Life of Martha Ballard, Based on Her Diary, 1785-1812. This is not a research assignment. The only materials you need are A Midwife’s Tale, the course textbook, class notes, and these instructions.Because it is a scholarly work, absorbing the information in A Midwife’s Tale may prove time consuming. In order to allow students to focus on the most important elements of the book rather than perhaps being overwhelmed by the mass of detail the author presents, this assignment requires that you read only the following chapters:The Introduction (very important!)August 1787September 1788November 1792While reading the assigned chapters of A Midwife’s Tale keep in mind the questions below. Your paper is to answer these questions.1) Who was Martha Ballard? What kind of person was she?2) What kinds of work did she do?3) What did the author mean when she stated that midwives in the late 18th century practiced “social medicine?”4) How did family production reinforce the social web revealed in Martha’s diary?5) What were the meanings and purposes of marriage? In what ways was marriage changing?Some of the themes discussed above overlap. It is not necessary to structure your essay as a list of separate responses. Aim for a smooth essay format that addresses all of the themes without simply providing a list of answers.Be sure to include an introductory paragraph and a conclusion. A thorough introduction identifies the title, author, and subject of the book. However, the most important element of an introduction is a clearly-stated thesis; a sentence that describes the main idea of your essay.The use of supporting quotations from A Midwife’s Tale is strongly recommended. However, be careful not to overuse quotations. Present your ideas about the book in your own words—then back up your statements with specific examples from the book. Take care to quote the author’s words exactly. This assignment calls for you to be a historian, therefore do not quote from the textbook or any other secondary source. Since you are only allowed to quote from A Midwife’s Tale itself, a simple page number in parentheses will suffice as citation.