Discuss Poe’s use of an unreliable narrator in “The Tell-Tale Heart,” and its effect on the reader’s interpretation of events that unfold.For your paper, you must have three (3) peer-reviewed sources. This means that you will have to access Troy’s libraries through the school’s website and find three sources that add to your thesis. Your other two sources do not have to be peer-reviewed.RESEARCHWhat kind of information are you looking for?You are looking for information about your topic. Information that strengthens and enriches your thesis. If your thesis is about Edgar Allen Poe’s determination and success at unity in “The Tell-Tale Heart”, then you might type this into the search bar those exact words and see what pops up.Where do you need to look for your research?As said above, students will primarily use the Internet for their sources. Three of the sources must be peer-reviewed. A peer reviewed (also called scholarly and/or academic) source has been reviewed by scholars in the same field to make sure that the information provided is accurate and worth publishing. Students will use the libraries available to them through Troy University.How many sources do you need?Students will need a total of five sources. Three of which must be peer-reviewed.