Discuss on what is coltan.Assignment – (Hints: It would help if you read the questions first then take a few useful notes as you watch the videos. Also feel free to research coltan on your own.What type of chemical substance is it? What are its useful properties?What countries does it come from? What kind of peoples live there?Who uses it and for what purpose? What is its value?How is coltan mined? How does this process affect the workers, the government, the military, and the people of the region?What are the social effects of coltan on the people of the region? How does it affect everyday life in the region?What are the negative effects of coltan on poor native women and children?What are the economic effects of coltan on the people of the region? Who are the wealthy? Why? Who are the poor? Why? How does their conflict affect everyday life in the region?How do other countries around the world factor into the coltan business? What are their positions in coltan production?Who is ultimately responsible for the poverty, oppression, war, and death caused by the production and marketing of coltan?As owners and users of cell phones and computers, explain how this knowledge of coltan mining, its production, and the people involved influence the way you think about yourself as a global consumer of such a controversial natural resource.