This is an 8-page paper theorizing that two of Karl Marx’s (if you do not know who Karl Marx is please let me know so I can give you a brief overview because it is important to the assignment) predictions for society:•Capitalist societies would increasingly split into just two classes, bourgeoisie, and proletariat •There would be an increasing level of conflict between capitalists and wage-laborersThe thesis is basically that these predictions are correct when looking at American society. When writing about the first prediction I want you to talk about how though America has a middle class they are still apart of the working class and therefore still proletariats selling their labor. (Please also familiarize yourself with the terms bourgeoisie and proletariat I will be happy to answer any questions if necessary). I also want and REQUIRE you to bring in information from both the Marx and non-Marx sources to back the claim. (From the Manifesto of the Communist Party reading)The second prediction should use the information given about unions to establish the prediction as correct. This prediction also requires both types of sources (Marx and non-Marx).(from the Capital Reading)I will include an outline I have already completed as well as a document with the basic structure I want to be used for this paper. PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE AND USE BOTH. Also, the outline is only giving a very rough idea of the paper. Please make the thesis more dynamic and feel free to use the sources in a way that helps the paper be as comprehensive as possible.Lastly, PLEASE let me know if you have any problems doing the assignment. I want to make sure this goes as smoothly as possible.