Engineers reduce ideas to useful items by the following process. Ideas only lead to value when realized. Like a character in Star Trek who determines whether or not a distant planet can support life by the push of a button, many ideas can be easily described. When engineers apply processes of creation, ideas result in tangible objects. Conceptualization Inspiration for creation comes from many sources. Ideas take first shape in the form of concepts. Engineers describe concepts in terms of form, fit and function. Visualization Sketches assist with refinement of concepts by providing means for first viewing of ideas. Invention Through invention, engineers combine knowledge of physics, materials and processes to create models of envisioned concepts. Realization To enable production of inventions, engineers must accurately describe and depict all elements of concepts sufficiently and accurately to support communication for subsequent processing. Considering each of the stages described above, answer the following questions: Discuss how you might gain fame and fortune from a brilliant inspiration. Describe your idea in a single sentence and consider what successes and challenges you might encounter and how you would respond. Describe how you might proceed with invention of a prototype of your idea. Discuss tools and processes. Discuss manufacturability of your invention, likely production facilities and estimated costs. Actually gaining fame and fortune is optional.