2652 Media Analysis Proposal GuidelinesYour proposal should be 1-2 page(s) long, typed, double-spaced with 12-point font In this proposal you will:1.Identify the media article chosen (make sure that is meets the requirements, i.e. Canadian criminal justice focused on either a “case” or an “issue” and that the article is substantial, and not a news brief), and provide a brief critical summary that identifies the practice, process or issue therein as it relates to course material. Also, remember that for your final paper, your job is to critically analyze the article, and the criminal justice issues raised by and through it, in light of and by reference to the general themes of criminal justice. Therefore producing a brief critical summary in your proposal is a good first start to this process.2.Identify 1-2 course themes and their relevance to the article, as a means of beginning to formulate your critical criminological analytic lens. 3.For the proposal, you must draw on at least two course readings in order to begin to identify course themes. Finding relevant course readings to your article, may require students to look ahead on the syllabus.Remember: 1)The newspaper or magazine article that you select should be Canadian, current (6 month period), and it should be more than a brief crime report. The article should relate to a criminal justice policy, practice, issue or debate. 2)The article should discuss in some detail a criminal justice practice, process, event or issue that is addressed in the course materials (lectures or readings). The major component of this assignment is to critically analyze the story in light of the major themes of criminal justice as discussed in lectures and readings. These are: 1) due process and crime control; 2) the myth of the ‘system’ (multiple mandates, system complexity and diversity, competing interests); 3) discretion; 4) accountability; 5)inequality; and 6) socio-historical context. You should keep these themes in mind when selecting your article. 3)The article which you select may be ‘case specific’(one that discusses in some detail a particular criminal case) or ‘issue specific’ one that discusses a particular criminal justice event or issue that is not limited to a particular case. Or, it may do a little of both. Keep in mind that this assignment will be easier to do if the article contains more substantial discussion/analysis of the event or issue in question such as that found most commonly in editorials and commentaries or in long-form publications (like magazines, e.g. MacLeans).The course theme I wanted to follow was for police body cams and policing ethics in general. Make sure to find a article in the recent times ( 6 months ) it should also be a Canadian source and not a US source. I’ve posted the sources about my general theme but you will have to find the article and expand.