Gene Yang’s American Born Chinese is considered a coming of age graphic novel. Identify two of the biggest conflicts that Jin experiences and explain how he overcomes them as he progresses from adolescence into young adulthood. Consider the following: racism, fitting in vs being oneself, relationships. Then, explain how these conflicts affect young people today. Choose one theme from the novel (search for identity, finding acceptance, coming of age, etc.). Discuss how the author develops this theme throughout the book. What does the author do to reveal the theme? (Words, visuals, relationships, allusions, etc.). Be sure you are not summarizing! Make sure to include all three characters of Jin, the Monkey King, and Danny or Chin-Kee. Do not do a paragraph on each character; instead, think of a way to organize it so you can comment on multiple characters within each body paragraph.Discuss the character development of Jin and the Monkey King. Develop a theory about how each of these cha