History of Latin American Art Final Essay (Use Simple vocab)Answer the three of the following essay questions. The answers to each essay question should be approximately 250 words long (about one double-spaced page). Write in complete sentences, and answer all parts of the prompt. Use standard written English (do not use email or text language), and proofread your answers. Focus your discussion on specific artists/architects, events, and/or works of art/buildings to keep your prose from drifting into generalities; locate these specifics in their historical moment. Where necessary, cite sources. Discuss how Latin American artists in the nineteenth century began to assert their difference from their European counterparts within the academic tradition of art.•According to Stacie Widdifield in “Resurrecting the Past: The Embodiment of the Authentic and the Figure of the Indian,” how were Obregón and Cordero able to shape or construct nationalist or regionalist identity in their academic or realist works of art in the mid-19th century? (SOURCES ADDED)•Racial hierarchies remained strong in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. How did artists, intellectuals, and writers reshape national identities using symbols of the indigenous, Africans, and people of mixed racial background? (DO RESEARCH)•What were some of the problems or misconceptions apparent in previous exhibitions of Latin American art according to Mari Carmen Ramirez in “Beyond the Fantastic,” Art Journal, 1992.