Discuss “How junk food can end obesity” about the danger of ruling out fast food as a way to decrease obesity in society watching what you eat can help improve obesity. Counting calories and using nutrients gauge to the healthiness of a food is adequate way to decrease obesity. Cutting calories and making changes of about 50-100 calories per meals, could encourage people to stay on their diet and promote long term weight loss. Most people do not have a healthy outlook on the food they eat resulting in more guilt when eating causing more of an unhealthy mindset on food. Being healthy is not about what people consume, a healthy person will participate in physical activity daily.if a person doesn’t have much income, they get stress and work more hours, giving them no time to prepare food or even exercise. Their diet depends on time efficiency to adhere to their working schedule. If only the McDonald’s smoothie weren’t, unlike the first two, so fattening and unhealthy. Or at least that’s what the most-prominent voices in our food culture today would have you believe. Despite the best efforts of a small army of wholesome-food heroes, there is no reasonable scenario under which these foods could become cheap and plentiful enough to serve as the core diet for most of the obese population—even in the unlikely case that your typical junk-food eater would be willing and able to break lifelong habits to embrace kale and yellow beets. And many of the dishes glorified by the wholesome-food movement are, in any case, as calories and obesogenic as anything served in a Burger King. In reality this isn’t just a problem for poor people, there are very wealthy people that don’t have the time or the support that is needed for this journey. The point that we are making is that obesity does discriminate against race or gender. Many lower income people lives in desert, where healthy food is not available either, with our busy schedule it become impossible to travel to market where healthy food are sold. Many obesity expert believe that even for those that could afford healthy food, they would still fail ruling. ‘They say”wholefood markets are usually around nicer richer areas you wouldn’t even see at least whole food markets in a poorer community, but yet you would see small organic stores or even small organic stands at street fairs. Usually those small organic stores wouldn’t even last for a couple months, because people don’t even bother eating healthy all they care about is junk food and fast food places.