Annotated Bibliography: Directions: Find six sources you’re going to use for essay 3 and list them below. Be sure to list them in MLA format. Then, in about four sentences, summarize each source. Finally, in about another four sentences connect the main points you’ve made in your summary to the topic of your paper. For each source, you will have a total of eight sentences. See example below:Hacker, D. Metacognition in Educational Theory and Practice. Mahwah: Prentiss-Hall, 2010.Hacker describes methods that can be used in the classroom to teach students how to self-check. She not only discusses the theory behind the practice, but she also discusses simple ways to incorporate metacognitive activities. Her approach is straightforward and simple to understand. Furthermore, she relies on well-regarded experts who’ve researched the subject thoroughly; therefore, her research and assertions can be relied upon. Because my paper is about teaching developmental students who above all other students have not learned how to self-check and who have been told they are incapable of learning. However, most students just haven’t been taught how to self-check. The mere act of self-checking will teach students that just because they haven’t understood something doesn’t mean that they can’t eventually understand the material. Thus, incorporating metacognition theory and practice into my paper is of utmost importance