Video:Disruption (Links to an external site.)Films for actionEarth Day celebrates 50th anniversary TubeThe Green New Deal With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez | All In | MSNBC Sites:United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (Links to an external site.)United Nations Climate Change: Paris Agreement (Links to an external site.)The History of Earth Day (Links to an external site.)EPA at 50: Progress for a Stronger Future (Links to an external site.)1. When and how did a global environmental consciousness begin? Why do you think it took so long if many had begun to realize the oncoming environmental issues years before?2. On the global level how will the United Nations address and solve the problems of global climate change and the intertwined issues of global sustainable development? What are the connections between the industrialized powers and the rest of the nations?3. What does the Green New Deal promise? How and why does it weave environmental, political, and economic interests together? Does it have a chance of success?4. How important has public pressure been in advancing ta global climate change movement? What are its strengths and weaknesses? In regard to protests, what do think the future will bring?Demonstrate a command over the material, analyze the material, and draw your own conclusions. If you bring additional sources into your discussions, add a bibliography to your essay.