1)Select three (3) different diagnostic assessment instruments (e.g., an inventory, questionnaire, scale or test)2)Provide the following for each assessment instrument selected:oComplete name of assessment instrumentoBackground (name of creator/designer, date created and first used, enumerate later editions/updates/revisions)oDescription of the Assessment Instrument (Enumerate the criteria involved, describe the medical/psychological reason(s) the criteria were selected, list and describe all versions of the Assessment Instrument such as those for differing age groups, language abilities, and physical capacities) oProcedural Description (how the assessment instrument is performed, number of attempts required to reach a valid conclusion, types of populations upon which the instrument has been administered, results of any randomized controlled studies, requirements needed to administer the assessment instrument, minimal qualifications of the examiner)oReliability, validity and normative (baseline) dataoSpecificity of Assessment Instrument (condition(s)/symptom(s) evaluated, reports of false positive/negative results, corrective measures to avoid errors)o Description of how results are reported and interpretedo Factors and/or known biases that may influence assessment instrument performanceo List and describe other assessment instruments that provide that evaluate the same or related symptoms/condition/diagnosiso Any additional information specific to the instrument you believe relevant