TOPICS (Choose one):1. ethnic minority movements in the US civil rights movements/ farm labor struggle 2. Brown v Board of Education3. Church’s role in civil rights movement and economic development4. Mexican Immigration: role in US economy and culture maintenance 5. The single-parent family6. Minorities in the workforce7. Child rearing practicesESSAY 4: Research-based Analytical Argument Instructions2000 words OR 7-10 pagesRequired sources: 5-8 Primary Sources: texts, news articles as topic subjectsSecondary Sources: academic scholarly sourcesThe Influence of Culture and Tradition on Current Issues—analyze and argue according to one Critical Theory lens: (see Critical Theory Review).An essay that provides a research-based argument of an issue related to the ways in which we perceive and relate to individuals and groups within American society based on cultural “norms” according to CRITICAL THEORY lenses.IMPORTANT: Critical Theory is used to analyze literature specifically. For this essay, you will be analyzing a “controversial issue” which may or may not be centered on a work of literature or narrative. These Critical Theory lenses are primarily to help you see your chosen topic or issue from a “specific” point of view. The Critical Theory Review is only to help you better understand the background and context of these lenses. I do not expect you to know or use these theories literally and as an expert. They are only for guidance and inspiration. The following is a simplified list of the lenses you may consider using in your analysis and argument:How does your argument illuminate or inform your chosen topic when viewed through a lens of:culturereligionracegendereconomicsfeminismhistorypsychologyThe objective of this paper is to provide:1) a fair, objective thorough presentation of the issue;2) a subjective review of the positions under analysis, inclusive or the bias and resultant logical fallacies in these positions as well as in your own initial and developed reaction to the issue; and3) your own persuasive argument supported with facts and analysis.