After you have conducted your interview, you will use the information from the windshield survey and agency visit, along with the research in the literature, and develop a plan to address the need identified during the interview.When developing your community health promotion plan, be sure to consider how this plan can be implemented and evaluated.Your plan should identify the following:Identified community need: description of the need-based and the group most affected by this need. Use data collected from the windshield survey, ecomap and agency interview.Epidemiology of the community need: statistical data supporting the choice (can do as a table) You can find this data by accessing such sites as Healthy People 2020 (and proposed Healthy People 2030), CDC, US Census Bureau, Vital Statistics; these sites were presented in week 2 and 3 content areas.Literature Review: Conduct a complete literature review on the topic and state your recommendations based on the findings (what types of programs are successful). Summarize the findings from the literature that provide evidence on how to address the community need (do not list each article individually, synthesize the findings). State the research data which supports your proposal (based on examples of the studies that you read).Identification of available resources: state the resources that you found during your windshield survey, ecomap and agency visits that are currently available and that address this need and the rationale for a new program if one already exists. State what gaps in services have been identified.Recommendations: Based on the information from the data you collected, and the identified community resources, what plan would you propose for implementing a community plan of care?The paper should be no longer than seven (7) pages (excluding title page and reference list) and be in APA 7 format