Do animals have rights or do only human beings have rights? Discuss Carl Cohen’s critique of animal rights. What are Cohen’s main grounds for denying that animals have rights? Then, consider Tom Regan’s defense of animal rights. Outline those aspects of Regan’s discussion that are most readily seen as critiquing a position like Cohen’s. Does Regan succeed in refuting Cohen’s view, or does Cohen have grounds for a persuasive response? In other words, who do you think has the upper hand in this debate? Argue for your position.Some helpful hints:1. Note that this essay topic specifically emphasizes the issue of animal rights. Not everything covered in either Cohen’s or Regan’s articles is directly relevant to the debate about rights. Therefore, you will want to be selective in your choice of material from these readings. Making good choices about what material is most relevant is part of your task in this essay.2. In arguing for your own position, your reasoning should be responsive to relevant aspects of Cohen’s and Regan’s respective arguments.