Components of the assignment include:1.A paragraph or two about your chosen group or population ( adult women ), and the key risk factors that population faces with regards to housing insecurity ( listed below ).Rough Outline *1-2 Paragraphs*Chosen Group/Population: Adult Women Key Risk Factors they Face: •Being a single parent•Vulnerable to sex work•Gender-based violence •Intersections of identity- LGBTQ women, POC, new immigrant, •Discrimination / social exclusion ie. in male dominant jobs Please use these references and other relevant referancesMilaney, K., Tremblay, R., Bristowe, S., & Ramage, K. (2020). Welcome to Canada: Why are family emergency shelters ‘home’ for recent newcomers? Societies, 10(37), 1–17.Dreyer, B. P. (2018). A shelter is not a home: The crisis of family homelessness in the United States. Pediatrics, 142(5), 1–5Schiff, J. W., Schiff, R., & Turner, A. (2016). Rural homelessness in Western Canada: Lessons learned from diverse communities. Social Inclusion, 4(4), 73–85.