Please write a 5-page paper (APA format) that reflects on the book An American Sickness. The paper should explore the current condition of the American Health Care System and identify ways as a future provider you can impact care delivery 1. Please identify 4 different themes from the book (please note that insurance is discussed a great deal in the book but should represent only 1 of the themes in the paper). The themes should be clearly and critically analyzed. 2. Please support your position (either direction you take) with outside sources from current scholarly journals. 3. Provide a conclusion that is fully developed from the critical analysis. 4. Review the rubric for specific grading elements. 5. themes have to be identified, explained and contrasted with todays current condition of the Health Care Industry (Post Affordable Care Act) 6. The writers point of reflection related to the 4 themes has been stated and clearly analyzed with a well-developed, critically reflecting a graduate-level critical analysis. 7. The conclusion has been stated and fully developed at a graduate level of critical analysis 8. Paper is written in a scientific manner providing facts and information that are supported by the book and related information. 9. Content is reflective rather than a summary of the book. Syntax principles have been observed and writing at a graduate level 10. A title page and reference page have been included and are formatted appropriately according to the APA Manual 7th edition Within text headings, in-text citations, and references are accurate and formatted appropriately according to the APA manual 7th Edition. 11. Writing is clear, follows correct grammar usage. Writing has been checked for spelling, grammar, and punctuation.