Task 3: Dietary Special Needs Menu Plan
Overview and Description
In this task, you will select and research a special need and create a menu for a real or hypothetical client with that need.
Choose any one of the special needs client scenarios given below.
Research the special need using the Eat Right website.
Summarize the information on the Special Need in 250 words.
Create a list of questions to plan menus for that client. List at least 10 questions for use in an interview.
Develop a menu for this client.
Enter you menu foods into the tool from M1Task2, generating a nutritional analysis of the recommended menu with charts/graphs
DISCUSS briefly why this menu will address/correct the chosen Special Needs issues.
Special needs client scenarios:

Cancer or chemotherapy
Food allergies
Regional diets
Cardiovascular disease
Genetic deficiencies
High blood pressure
Elevated cholesterol levels