CHCPOL002:Develop and Implement Policy
Question 1:
Services must have adequate policies and procedures in place to ensure that the legal and ethical requirements in the early childhood industry are met. Explain the policies and procedures services must have to adhere to each of the below:
Codes of practice (e.g. ECA code of Ethics or service specific codes)
Duty of Care
Human Rights
Privacy, confidentiality and disclosure
Policy frameworks
Rights and responsibilities of workers, employers and clients (families and children)
Work health and safety
Question 2:
Explain who the key stakeholders of your service are at the following levels:
Question 3:
In consultation with your supervisor explain what your services business plan and service philosophy are.
Question 4:
According to the National Regulations what regulation relates to Policies and Procedures?
Please describe the regulation.
Refer to the file below to assist.
150-200 per question word count