Develop and deliver a 30-minute lecture and lab for a 4th year IT Management / Computing / Data Analytics audience on the Google Cloud Run service (do not use any other cloud provider). Assume a technical audience, but remember they will not be familiar with Cloud Run Your lecture should cover all relevant theoretical aspects and should include a detailed account of why this service is so relevant. You should also briefly discuss, one on or two slides, the AWS and Azure equivalent services. The lab should be constructed to teach the important practical aspects of implementing a Cloud Run solution and should contain a clear set of learning objectives at the start. The structure, layout, quality and appearance of slides and lab sheets are important – so pay attention to this. Guidelines 1. About 15 minutes for the lecture 2. About 15 minutes for the lab 3. About 10-12 lecture slides 4. About 4-5 A4 pages for the lab sheet 5. Content should be clear, detailed, and thorough 6. Video components to be screen recordings and include your voice over – no face required 7. Both lecture and lab components should be a comprehensive and detailed treatment in the time allocated. 8. You should not exceed 35 minutes in total, and not fall below 25 minutes. Marking Scheme (out of 100) Each of these components contains an implicit overall quality mark. 1. PDF lecture slides (20) 2. PDF lab sheet (20) 3. Video lecture (30) 4. Video lab (30) Upload Requirements 1. Via a moodle upload, you will submit a single URL to a shared folder that contains the 4 items from the marking scheme (Lecture PDF, Lab Sheet PDF, Lecture Video, Lab Video) 2. On the moodle upload you will be asked for one field of information: the ?Online Text?. Y