develop a training session on: a) Emotional intelligence and the self-evaluation form b) The new Professional Development Policy & Procedures that you developed. c) The Professional Development Plan template Kind regards Gavin Stead General Manager 300 Fictional Way, Sydney, NSW 2000 Phone: 1800 111 222 (Links to an external site.) Task 2: Based on the email, you are to complete the following task: You will develop a 10 minute training session on the Professional Development Policy & Procedures (but it must not be word for word). You will also need to provide information on emotional intelligence and the importance of self-evaluation Suggestions include: using a PowerPoint presentation with Audio or Video presentation. Include references to: Self-Evaluation Form Template Assess 1 Part A Self Evaluation FORM_ V2 112020 copy.docxPreview the document Professional Development Plan Template Capital College Professional Development Plan Template V1.2 112020.docxPreview the document
Need 15 Slides and 700 words script