Review this week’s lessons on the topics of merchandising and inventory management.Using 400-500 words, write a comprehensive response to each of the questions below. Feel free to consult with your managers or colleagues to develop your answers to some of these questions.1. Develop a list of areas that must be considered to manage the flow of inventory in a business or company. Include all areas that must be considered to successfully manage inventory and explain why you included each one in your list.2. Identify one typical high shrinkage item in each of these two categories: shrinkage due to theft, and shrinkage due to administrative errors. Describe the actions commonly taken by organizations to address shrinkage in these areas and recommend at least one way that employees/staff members could help reduce shrinkage on these items.3. Explain some common processes used in business to prevent fraud when processing returns, exchanges, and employee purchases.4. Make and defend at least one recommendation for improving inventory management practices in an organization.